Low Cost Dental Implants - Truth or Trap?

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Cheap / Low Cost Dental Implants

Although dental implants are the best choice for replacing missing teeth, they are an expensive solution that not everyone can afford. With an average cost of $3,000 for a single implant, it is not surprising that many patients will be tempted by advertisements for cheap / low cost implants, especially if they do not have a dental implant insurance.

Low Cost Dental Implants - True or Trap?

If you do some research on dental implants prices you may find dentists that offer prices as low as $600 per implant. Before you request their services, you should wonder why or how these dentists can offer such a low price while others ask for 5 or 10 times more.

Some things to consider before choosing an offer of low cost dental implants include the following:

  • 'implants from $xxx' - Every patient's case is different. Even in dental implants there are some 'easy' cases with patients of excellent dental health with strong jawbones that need to replace one of the smaller front teeth. As expected these cases are on the lower edge of the implants cost range. A dentist may advertise cheap implants but after the initial consultation you will be likely asked for a much higher price due to various reasons that the implant dentist will explain persuasively. Even if your case is truly one of the 'easy' ones, cheap implants below $1,000 should make you cautious about the quality of service and materials to be offered.
  • implant dentist's expertise - the level of experience of the implant dentist is crucial for the success of a dental implants treatment. Dentists with lower experience will naturally offer lower prices to attract patients and gain the necessary expertise. In these cases you should value if the savings from the low cost implants counter-balance the increased risk of implant failure.
  • low quality materials - the implant itself represents a significant part of the total treatment cost for the dentist. There are many brands that provide implants to dentists but not all of them have the necessary research credentials to prove the quality of their products. The price variation may be huge with some 'generic' implants to cost as low as $5 while an implant of a well known brand name may cost around $500. A dentist may decide to use these cheap implants in order to be able to offer attractive low cost implant treatments. The failure rate for these cheap implants is usually multiple times more than the high quality ones.
  • mini dental implants - mini dental implants cost much less than regular dental implants due to the lower material cost and the much simpler procedure for their placements. But you must be aware that they are not suitable for all cases. Using mini dental implants to minimize the cost for cases where regular implants are required will most possibly lead to implant failure.
  • only the implantation is included - some patients who start a low cost implants treatment, find out that the price included only the actual placement of the implant. The dentist may ask later for additional charges for the consultation appointments, the x-rays or the aftercare visits. The most usual 'misunderstanding' between patients and implant dentists is the inclusion or not of the restoration cost in the total agreed treatment cost. It is not unusual patients who believe that they have found a low cost implants opportunity, to finally pay several thousands of dollars to complete the treatment.

When you look for low cost implants you must always check if the dentist has the adequate experience, if the implants to be used are of approved quality and ask the implant dentist to clearly explain what is included in the offered price and what is not. Otherwise instead of cheap implants, you may face implant failure and have to repeat the treatment with much higher cost.

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