Dental Implant Insurance Cost

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Dental Implant Insurance Cost

Do not assume that if you have an otherwise good dental insurance plan, it will automatically include dental implant insurance coverage. Always check carefully the policy for terms that might exclude dental implants. If you are unsure, check with your insurance provider.

In general, dental insurance policies do NOT cover dental implants, but that does not mean that you can't find a dental implant insurance. Several insurance providers offer coverage for dental implants as supplements to your normal dental insurance but the premium you have to pay per year is much higher.

How much does dental implant insurance cost?

The premium you have to pay for dental implant insurance costs is usually different for each individual based on factors such as the current status of dental and overall health, whether you are a smoker or the number of dental implants that you already have.

When you compare offers for dental implant insurance, costs must be compared carefully based on what is covered by each policy.

Before you select a dental implant insurance, the following factors should be considered:

  • Even if you have a dental implant insurance, providers will rarely pay for the full cost of dental implants, they usually pay only for a certain percentage of the overall cost or for a fixed rate per treatment.

  • Some plans provide reimbursement for both the surgical and the restorative parts of dental implants, but only up to an annual or lifetime maximum.

  • Other insurance plans have deductibles, a fixed amount that you have to pay yourself before they start covering your dental implants treatment costs.

  • If you already have one or missing tooth before you purchase the dental implant insurance, you should check if there is any term that excludes coverage for treatments of pre-existing problems, otherwise your implant insurance will be useless for this case.

  • Another consideration when purchasing a dental implant insurance is the waiting time (how long you have to wait before starting any treatment). If you plan to start treatment as soon as possible, you should choose a dental implant insurance plan without any waiting time term or at least smaller than the usual one year requested by most policies.

  • Check if the insurance company will cover the cost of re-treatment in case of dental implant failure causes, or if the prosthesis is damaged.

  • Also, check if the policy would cover pre and post operative surgeries that maybe required for proper and complete implant treatment, and any other dental implants problems that may occur due to any complication.

If your are being offered dental insurance through your employer that covers dental implants, you should definitely take advantage of it if you foresee that you will need dental implants treatment. You will have to pay a much lower premium than if you purchased dental implant insurance coverage on your own.

Caution! Having dental implant surgery without first checking your insurance coverage may cause significant problems to your family's budget. Get a dental implant insurance before starting treatment.

Alternatives to Dental Implant Insurance coverage

If you do not have a dental implant insurance or if you can't get one to cover the cost of dental implants, there is another alternative to help you reduce the costs: dental discount plans.

Dental discount plans are not dental insurance. They work by offering a percentage based or flat rate discount on certain dental procedures. Many dental plans provide discount also for dental implants. They may not give you a high level of coverage but you do not have to pay the high premiums of dental implant insurance.

The disadvantage of dental discount plans is that you can get the discount from dentists partnering with the dental plan provider. While you can have a wide number of choices for a general dentist, it might be difficult to find an experienced dental implant dentist in your area who is a partner of the dental plan network. If the limited choices you might have are not a problem for you, dental discount plans can help reduce the amount you have to pay for dental implant surgery.

- If you need dental implants in order to replace teeth lost due to an accident, some of the cost of the restoration might be covered by your medical insurance.

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