Affordable Dental Implants

affordable dental implants

Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable dental implants is a common quest for patients with limited budget. The high cost of dental implants is the biggest obstacle for patients with missing teeth who seek for a permanent and effective solution with the use of dental implants.

How to Get Affordable Dental Implants

Even though dental implants may be in the long term the most affordable solution vs alternative treatments, their initial cost may be difficult to fit in everyone's family budget.

The problem is bigger for patients who do not have a dental implant insurance and have to pay for the full cost on their own.

Cheap dental implants might hide some risks regarding the quality of service or materials, but that does not mean that there are no safer ways to get affordable dental implants.

Here are some tips to help you have your dental implants at a lower affordable cost:

  • Get multiple offers.   Due to the big discrepancies in implant prices from dentist to dentist, it is wiser to get multiple offers from different dental implant dentists before you decide.
  • One dentist for all.   Dentists who take care of all phases of dental implants treatment, both surgical and restorative, will usually offer a better price than the combined cost if different specialists perform each part of the treatment.
  • Dental implant clinics.   Clinics that specialize in this type of treatments may provide more affordable dental implant prices related to a dentists that only occasionally treats implant patients.
  • Location.   If you can find an experienced implant dentist in the suburbs or in a smaller town nearby, you can expect to get a lower price than from a central town clinic.
  • Number of implants.   Most of the dentists will give some discount if you need multiple implants.
  • Dental tourism.   Traveling abroad has become lately a popular solution for affordable dental implants. Dentists in other countries with lower living and maintenance costs can provide low cost implants without necessarily compromising the quality of the service or materials used.

Affordable dental implants solutions for low income patients

Low income patients may have two more available options in some areas:

  • Local dental schools may offer treatment for reduced rates or free as part of the student's training under faculty staff supervision.
  • local dental societies may sometimes have programs where their members offer significant discounts to low income patients that need dental implants to restore severe functional problems and regain the ability to eat properly.

More ways for affordable dental implant costs

If you have tried to find the best price for your treatment but still you can not afford the cost of dental implants, the other options are to either search for financing aid or find an insurance provider to share the cost.

  • The best way to get affordable dental implants is to have dental implants coverage included in your dental insurance, before you need them.
  • Even if you have a dental insurance that does not include dental implants, you should discuss with your dentist and your insurance agent for possible partial coverage. Under some circumstances, your dental insurance provider may agree to pay a part of the cost, making a dental implants treatment much more affordable.
  • Many dental implant dentists provide in house financing, to help patients who can't afford treatment cost.
  • Financing plans for dental implants are also available from some finance companies.
  • Dental discount plans despite their restrictions may provide another option for affordable dental implants.
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